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HIIT today. Hurt SO good. Can’t Wait. 

Do it!

8 x kettle bell swings - full lockout, please!
6 x thrusters. Clean. Squat. Up. Press. Repeat.
250m row (Pretty pumped - My PR: 250m in 60s flat)
8 x single leg Romanian deadlift with row (and heavy weight), each side. Focus on a single spot, don’t admire yourself in the mirror. Egos are not sexy.
40 bicycle crunches. Full leg extension and opposite side turn.
6 box jumps
10 x bosu burpees. Or full burpees. Whatever floats your boat.
1/4 mi sprint. SPRINT.
60 second wall sit. 90-90, sweetcheeks.

60 second rest. 

3 Rounds.

Burn, baby. Burn. 

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